Prayers for...

Friday, February 24, 2006



You've known me ever since my heart started beating,
and You know when I'm truly in love.
This angel You've sent... is she really for me?
Or is she a curse you've placed upon me?

Please do take care of her... maybe i'm starting to love her.
Please tell me what to do. My heart beats for her even if she ignores me.
You know that this is not me.

Please do take care of her...
I've been the one who would get what he wants... what's wrong now?
I know i've changed a lot ever since my heart was broken... but what's wrong?
All i ever did was to love her... was i too fast? Maybe... But love dosen't have to have a time limit. You never thought twice when creating us... Please do take care of her...

Father, when i first saw her, i saw an angel... She stared back at me as i stared at her infinite eyes... She shot an arrow into my heart. I felt like i was falling in love again. And this time it's real. Real to the point of me not being myself. I was the guy who never cared about the feelings of other people, especially the girls. I was the one who inflict damage... now i'm hurt. Why? Please do take care of her...

Father, i've come so long just to get to know her, i've been only trying to get to know her... then why is she ignoring me? Please lord, take care of her.

Father, please take care of her. She means so much to me that even if she won't love me back, it's okay. I'd stay to love her and dream about her and wait for her to see who i really am. If i'm really destined for her, then let it be. If not, then help me move on. Again, I feel like it's my first time loving someone... It's always painful to love... especially when you are losing. But do we even win?

I love her lord.... Please tell her... before i do...

J. Angelo